Tony Rajer (1952-2011)

Tony was an art conservator, teacher, and humanitarian. He received a certificate in French studies at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris (1974) and then completed his BA in art history and chemistry at UW-Milwaukee (1977). Tony then went to the Churubusco Regional Conservation Center, in Mexico City, Mexico, for a Certificate in Art Conservation and then was awarded a funded advanced internship for another Certificate in Conservation from Harvard University Art Museums in Cambridge, Mass. (1987). He then completed another Certificate in Mural Conservation at the ICCROM, in Rome, Italy (1992). Through his international studies and travels Tony spoke five languages fluently - French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and English. In 1987, Tony began his own art conservation business for museums and private clients and he managed Fine Arts Conservation for 24 years. Tony also taught throughout his career at UW-Madison Extension.

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