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June 8 thru July 28, 2018

BIG IDEAS featured Tom Bamberger, Emily Belknap, Tom Loeser, and Katie Ries, along with a Community Garden Wall of flowers by over 30 artists. This exhibition was curated by Tom Bamberger.

Emerging 2018
May 11 thru May 26, 2018

Our Seventh Annual Advanced Placement Senior Thesis Show for Port Washington High School! 

March 23 thru April 28, 2018

Featuring Craig Grabhorn, Julie VonDerVellen, Sarah Eichorn, and Tom Loeser
Shapes, patterns and structures in paint, homemade paper, fabric and wood – Formations was a delight for the eyes.

Journals and Journeys
January 12 thru March 3, 2018

Lynne Bergschultz, Ed Dy, Madalyn Manzeck, Kim Rae Nugent, Tony Rajer, Rudy Rotter, and Tori Tasch shared their journaling skills in this exhibition. Several journaling workshops were offered by Tori, Lynne and Kim, and Cynthia Lorenz lead a series of six weekly journaling practice sessions.

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